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We understand that each company in a given industry is unique, and that’s what makes us different. Many corporate training programs put the industry first and create standardized approaches that deliver the same skills to every organization. 

At Quinnipiac Corporate Training, we do not try to fit the company to the program; we fit the program to the company. With deep roots in education, we understand that learning is never a one-size-fits-all approach. We are not consultants; we are educators who go the extra mile to ensure that your team is equipped with the skills needed to drive better results for your organization.

Why Work With Quinnipiac Corporate Training?

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Our Background

Quinnipiac Corporate Training is backed by Quinnipiac University, an accredited higher learning institution recognized for excellence in education. Our team of experts merge their vast industry knowledge and experience with proven instructional strategies to deliver the best learning outcomes for your organization.

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Our Process

In order to ensure the success of our training engagements, we put in extra time up front to truly understand your business, its needs, and its goals. Following an initial meeting, we engage in a no-cost, day-long discovery session at your offices to learn first-hand what is needed to help your organization keep moving forward.

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Our Industries

The training team at Quinnipiac Corporate Training has a vast amount of experience in numerous industries. Members of our team have backgrounds in Finance, IT, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, and more. This direct knowledge of your industry allows our industry experts to prepare your team with the specific skills needed to address your business needs within both your internal and external environments.

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Our Experts

Our training experts are committed to serving as a valuable member of your team. Having performed a variety of functions in numerous industries, they have walked in your shoes and understand the collective effort required to reach business goals. Our experts create a collaborative environment from day one to ensure that each and every member of your team receives the knowledge and support needed to be successful.

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Our training methods blend both on-site and online training to deliver a holistic learning experience. On-site lessons are led by our industry experts directly from your location, saving your employees the hassle of traveling. Supplemental online lessons may be completed at any time and reinforce the knowledge and skills developed during the on-site training.


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