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Don’t Mask Your True Identity

February 13, 2017 | Joe Carmen

At the end of October the streets of America are flooded with superheroes and villains, cartoon characters and famous movie stars. I am writing of course about Halloween, a time when children (and adults) become someone or something different for the night.

While pretending to be someone or something that you are not on Halloween is tremendous fun, hiding your authentic self as a leader is a sure fire path to creating a dysfunctional organization.

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Avoid the Thermostat Wars: Use Data to Measure Your Organization’s Climate

February 14, 2017 | Joe Carmen

An organization’s climate is the way its members feel about their organization.

Climate comes from people’s perceptions and attitudes, what they believe about their team and how they operate day in and day out. The climate of an organization depends on the makeup of the team and can change rapidly as members leave and new ones join.

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