Improve your data process
without sacrificing productivity –
with Quinnipiac Corporate Training.

Leverage improved data management to fuel growth

With large volumes of data affecting many different departments, the ability to effectively manage this data has a direct impact on an organization's overall productivity. The right people need to be able to access the appropriate data to address business cases in a timely manner.

The challenge lies in the ability to keep all of this sensitive data organized and secure; a challenge that generally falls on information technology. Their ability to create a streamlined process that is both effective and complaint is the key to getting the most value from the company's data assets. 

At Quinnipiac Corporate Training, we have experienced the challenges of working in IT and managing large amounts of data. Our experts will take the time to work with your team and understand its greatest data and analytics challenges before creating a tailored plan to prepare your employees with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively manage your organization's data.

At the end of the training, your team will be prepared to:

  • Effectively monitor and support business intelligence systems
  • Consolidate and centralize data from multiple systems
  • Maintain all federal data compliance standards including COBIT and ITIL
  • Quantify and report on the usage of data and overall performance

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Data and Analyticsby the numbers:


Fully 67% of survey respondents report that their companies are gaining a competitive edge from their use of analytics. (MIT Sloan)

Most companies estimate they're analyzing a mere 12% of the data they have, according to a recent study by Forrester Research. (Forrester)


For a typical Fortune 1000 company, just a 10% increase in data accessibility will result in more than $65 million additional net income. (Forbes) 



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