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Leverage deeper customer insights to fuel sales growth

Retailers are facing a growing challenge to enhance the customer experience at every point of sale in order to acquire and retain customers. With so many options available both online and off, the only way to build and sustain long term growth is to understand and address customers' needs. The data to do this is readily available for most businesses; the difficulty lies in properly analyzing and acting upon this date.

At Quinnipiac Corporate Training, we understand the complex environment that retailers work in, and know how to mine, analyze, and use available data to drive growth. We take the necessary time to learn about your team's unique needs and develop a tailored training plan to prepare your employees with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to get more out of your organization's data.

At the end of the training, your team will be prepared to:

  • Create more in-depth customer profiles to optimize the user experience
  • Leverage trends to more accurately forecast seasonal demand
  • Calculate customer value and ROI using past purchase data
  • Use current data to identify and target new and existing customers

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Data and Analyticsby the numbers:


Fully 67% of survey respondents report that their companies are gaining a competitive edge from their use of analytics. (MIT Sloan)

Most companies estimate they're analyzing a mere 12% of the data they have, according to a recent study by Forrester Research. (Forrester)


For a typical Fortune 1000 company, just a 10% increase in data accessibility will result in more than $65 million additional net income. (Forbes) 



Download our retail overview to learn more about how we can leverage your current data to optimize forecasts, pricing, and operational efficiency.