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At Quinnipiac Corporate Training, we understand that effective training needs to be tailored to meet your key objectives. Our team of subject-matter experts bring years of experience from a number of industries, and recognize that, to provide value to an organization, training is only effective when employees are able to apply their newly developed skills and knowledge immediately.

That is why our team first takes the time to gain a deep understanding of your business. We integrate real, company-specific case studies and scenarios directly into our lessons to deliver actionable skills that your team can apply the same day.

Each individual training program is delivered via a combination of on-site sessions and supplemental online modules.

As part of your tailored plan, you will receive:
  • Live, instructor-led sessions delivered directly from your offices, saving you time and travel expenses

  • Hands-on training and support from a subject-matter expert with experience in your specific industry

  • Individually selected online modules that build on the topics covered during each on-site lesson

OUR corporate training Offerings

Data & Analytics Program

Our Data and Analytics program provides employees with the knowledge and functional skills needed to analyze and leverage data in real-time. Our training experts will incorporate your real business scenarios and prepare your employees with the skills needed to:

  • Leverage proper technologies to analyze data and address business requirements
  • Apply newly learned concepts and strategies to their direct job functions
  • Increase efficiency and reduce time to completion on data-driven projects

Leadership Program

Our Leadership program explores everything that an individual must possess to function as a truly effective leader. Through the use of proven methodologies used by top companies and the use of real world cases, your employees will be prepared to:

  • Balance competing priorities while driving tangible results for the organization
  • Improve their personal effectiveness as a communicator and motivator
  • Acquire, develop, and lead a high-performing team of top talent

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